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The beauty of beans and rice (who knew?)

Nyla Smith | Monday, June 06, 2011

So I was cooking dinner the other day... a bean and rice dish. Started by sautéing a little onion, then added some brown rice. So far, not very impressive. But then again, I wasn't expecting anything impressive. The next steps were to add in some black beans, dark red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and diced chilies. And when I did, it was... magic.

All of a sudden there was a brilliant mix of colors... the combination was beautiful. I felt like had just created a piece of art! So I snapped a picture. And I'm filing it away in my brain, for when I need some color inspiration. Here's the palette:

Kind of "old-world Mediterranean", no?

So, the picture. Well, it doesn't quite do the real-life version justice, but here it is:

Mmmm, who's ready to eat?

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